A light, planet friendly footprint

I want to change the world!

said the young Valerio Allegro in February 2008. And so it was that Allegro Natura was born, an Italian craft company and laboratory dedicated to the production of cosmetics and organic, eco-friendly products, never, ever tested on animals … well before animal testing was banned by European legislation!

A dream that became ever more reality.

Over the years, we have grown and have expanded the product range that many of you choose for your skin and for your home. But we never rest on our laurels!

We are constantly searching for new, ever more biodegradable, raw materials and ingredients, sourced from organic farming. We test new formulas every day, in order to make our products more effective and green, guaranteeing utmost safety and respect for your skin and for the planet.


Today, we define ourselves as practical dreamers. We in our laboratory with great passion oriented to formulating effective and safe cosmetics for the skin and home products that respect nature and ecosystems. We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves – both personally and professionally. That’s why each of our products is, first and foremost, what we would like for ourselves, for our loved ones and for our world.


The majority of our organic, eco-friendly products have green packaging, as we gradually abandon plastic, choosing, wherever possible, glass and aluminium.
Over the years, we have obtained the following certifications, as the fruit of our commitment and philosophy.

Italian Association for Organic Agriculture (AIAB) Bio Eco Cosmetics Certification, with the same AIAB specifications for detergents as for cosmetics, and the requirement to patch test every product.
Italian Association for Organic Agriculture (AIAB) Detergents Certification. To obtain this certification, products must contain 95% vegetable origin ingredients, a certain percentage of organically farmed ingredients and an extremely high biodegradability. Each product must pass CVdtox testing, which determines biodegradability index of every ingredient. In addition, the certification body carries out annual inspections to verify the quality of production processes and the company organization.
Vegan Society, none of our products contain ingredients or derivatives of animal origin.
Certified by the Italian Anti-Vivisection League (LAV) since 2008. This certification guarantees that the raw materials we use in our products are not tested on animals.
We use only 100% Italian, 100% renewable, Impatto Zero® energy and natural gas LIFEGATE ENERGY, for clean, zero impact certified energy. Our company uses only Lifegate certified renewable energy.

Our products

For both detergents and cosmetics, we take care of the entire production process in our laboratory, from formulation right through to product packaging. We value our local environment and community, favouring Italian Association for Organic Agriculture (AIAB) certified organic raw materials of Italian origin.

ORGANIC ECO-FRIENDLY cosmetics for your skin

Have you ever counted how many cosmetics you use every day?
It’s probably at least 5 or 6, including soap, hand cream, deodorant, make-up, shower gel, etc. Carefully choosing these products that you use every day is fundamental for the health of your skin. “Amici della Pelle”, or “Skin Friends”, is the Allegro Natura line of eco-cosmetic make-up products that care for your face, body and hair.
Prepared with passion and know-how, and the finest natural ingredients from organic farming, they are effective, certified natural cosmetics completely free of dyes, polyethylene glycols (PEG), polypropylene glycols (PPG), parabens, petrochemical derivatives and GMOs.

ECO-FRIENDLY household detergents

BIOERMI is our line of eco-friendly cleaning products. From your laundry to the cleaning of dishes and your home, we take care of your day-to-day life, safeguarding your health and that of the planet. Our eco-friendly and organic detergents are rich in effective, natural, active ingredients that guarantee excellent cleaning for your home, while respecting the environment and your skin. Our products are harmless because they contain natural vegetable surfactants and organically farmed ingredients. They are tested for heavy metal content, and are certified free of irritant and harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances.
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