We turn your organic, eco-friendly dreams into reality, guaranteeing safe, effective, eco-friendly and custom products.

Our constant pursuit of effective, natural and pleasing formulas guides us in the creation of products that are ever more respectful of the skin and the environment. We want to share our know-how with those who, like us, believe in the sustainable business model and want to offer their customers HEALTHY & GOOD PRODUCTS!

A clean, sustainable corporate gift?

If your company is about to celebrate an important anniversary and wants to reflect its clean, healthy and environmentally respectful reputation, why not offer a complimentary gift of well-being to your customers, instead of an insignificant, polluting, plastic merchandising object? Why not spoil them with a beautiful, personalized candle that gives the gift of light and harmony?!

Or offer your spa guests a delicate, certified organic soap as a free gift?

There is nothing better than offering your customers a line of cosmetics so pleasant and natural that they reflect the best care, respect and attention that you reserve for them. Whether you represent your business with delicateness, energy or any other quality, we can transmit those qualities through a line of products designed, formulated and made just for you.

No idea or project is too fanciful or impossible to bring to life.

Take care of your customers and products, broaden your horizons and enrich and develop your offerings – we will work with passion and experience to help you achieve your goals with personalized, eco-friendly, effective and safe products that are always highly appreciated, especially in food and personal care sectors.

Looking for eco-friendly and safe cosmetics or detergents for your business?

Are you a cosmetics manufacturer who would be interested in an innovative, organic, eco-friendly formula to expand your line of products? Do you have in mind a product for skin well-being and care or for the home, and want to propose it to us? Are you looking to launch a hair line, and want to tell us about it? Tell us what you want to achieve and we will study it, formulate it, test it, and produce it for your brand.

If you have an idea you want to share with us, here we are!

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