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Welcome to the Allegro Natura Organic Bath Foam collection, where the well-being of your skin is the focus for every formulation. Each product has been created with love and care, by combining organic ingredients of plant origin. With Allegro Natura Organic Bath Foams every shower will be an authentic wellness routine experience. From the toning freshness of our Refreshing Organic Bath Foam, which is ideal for revitalising the skin, to the soothing mildness of our Hydrating Organic Bath Foam, which is perfect for sensitive skins. We have also taken into consideration the needs of those looking for firmness and energy with our Energising Organic Bath Foam, and those who want to moisturise and soothe sensitive and dry skin with our Hydrating Organic Bath Foam.

Whatever your skin type or personal preferences, you will find the perfect bath foam to elevate your personal care routine to a new level of wellness.


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